Be Welcome

Our Vision

In this life, who does not need guidance, to take time to sit back, breathe deeply and relax, to invest in oneself and enjoy the journey in a more conscious way ?

I am very grateful to have had the chance to meet beautiful souls, who have helped me to grow not only spiritually, but also to understand better who I am and where I come from.

I am very grateful to discover, every time I go, a little bit more of the beautiful island of Ibiza, its amazing energy, beautiful nature and loving community.

Through this unique retreat, I would love to share with you, what has helped and is helping me in my everyday life. I would also love, in a very humble way, to support the amazing people who have supported me so far and have made the courageous choice, to live a different life on the island, by making a living out of their true passion.

If you are looking for a springboard to give a unique impulse into your life, we are looking forward welcoming you at The Retreat Ibiza.

Much Love,
Ludovic Lemaire