The Akashic Records are the memory of the soul. It is a place in the Universe that we could call the "Light Library" where there is registered past, present and potential future of any form of energy.

It's a dimension of very high vibration where Unconditional Love reigns. Each one of us has his own Register or Life Book in which is recorded what has been experienced in all of his or her incarnations. The Akashic Records are a healing tool, not an oracle. The healing is the birth of a new consciousness in the Soul.


It has the purpose of letting go of blockages, understanding our Life Purpose, liberating us from suffering and clarifying our life, always for the Higher Purpose of everyone involved.  We can experience forgiveness through understanding our responsibilities, in the present or past events of our lives.The Akashic Records open our Heart to connect with our Being of Light, our True Being, who is guiding us on our path.


Jocelyne Le Gall