Aleteya was born in France and moved to the country side of Ibiza at age 9. Having early memories of out of body experiences, she knew life wasn't just about what she was told.  She began a long search through reading, studying different healing practices (such as Reiki and Katsugen Undo), going into deep teachings of the Corean Zen School, the Buddhist or Japanese meditations.

Nearly 20 years ago her father left this dimension. He came back to teach her the Art of Channelling. Ten years later, she had a N.D.E. (near death experience) and was given the option to leave or stay, and from a space of Unconditional Love, she decided to come back.

She was told she would be given a specific task. A couple of years ago she attended a Healing Course where she tapped into the profound practice she would use to assist others. She now brings a deep healing and channeling through the Multi Dimensional Healing.


Chakra Cleansing